Retrosheet Board Meeting, Arlington, TX
June 17, 1994; start time: 9 pm CDT

First Meeting of the Retrosheet Board of Directors

In Attendance:                          Absent:
        David Smith                        Ron Rakowski
        Sherri Nichols
        David Vincent
        Luke Kraemer

        Doug Pappas
        Arnie Braunstein
        John Rickert
        David Nichols
        Mark Pankin
        Pete Palmer
        Clem Comly
        Pat Morgan
        Tom Tippett
        Neal Traven
        John Styker
        Gary Skoog
        Jerry Wachs
        Ed Luteran


Sponsor         Purpose                         Result
Smith           To amend section 6.4.B of the   4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                ByLaws, removing the phrase     [Passed]
                "including a complete financial
                statement".  To add that phrase
                to section 6.5.B.

Nichols         To adopt the ByLaws as amended. 4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)

Kraemer         To elect David Smith as         4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                President/Chairman of the Board [Passed]
                and Sherri Nichols as V.P./

Kraemer         To direct the Vice President    4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                to revise the data distribution [Passed]
                policy statement per the 
                discussion and report back
                to the Board by 7-15-94.

Vincent         To approve the Strat-O-Matic    4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                request as presented.           [Passed]

Smith           To direct David Vincent to      4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                develop an expense report form  [Passed]
                and report to the Board.

Nichols         To direct the President to      4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                develop a conflict of interest  [Passed]
                policy and report to the Board.

Vincent         To authorize the expenditure    3-0-1-1 (Smith abstain;
                of $600 to David W. Smith to             Rakowski abs.)
                reimburse him for his out of    [Passed]
                pocket expense to purchase the
                scoresheet copies from the St.
                Louis Cardinals (our first
                official sheets!)

Vincent         To direct the Treasurer to      4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                submit a proposed budget to     [Passed]
                the Board by 7-31-94.

Kraemer         To adjourn                      4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)

Other discussion:

1. Status of Retrosheet (President's  report)
2. Policy on data distribution
3. Proposed plans and tasks

Other attachment:

1. Addresses of Board members

David Smith (President)
6 Penncross Circle
Newark, DE 19702
302-731-1570 (h)
302-831-2275 (w)

Sherri Nichols (Vice President)
2555 Dell Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
415-962-6011 (w)

Luke Kraemer
P.O. Box 1544
Beaverton, OR 97075-1544

Ron Rakowski
1517 N. Hoffman
Park Ridge, IL 60068

David Vincent
2942 Marsala Court
Woodbridge, VA 22192
703-491-3440 (h)
703-904-3616 (w)