Proposed By-Law Amendments

Proposed By-Law Amendments


First proposed amendment:

Section 5.3 Length of Term
After the establishment of the initial Board of Directors, the term of office
for each Director shall be three years.  Officers and directors shall take office
at the end of the annual meeting. For the initial Board, two Directors shall be
appointed for a three (3) year term, two for a two (2) year term and one for a
one (1) year term.
[end of quotation]

Second proposed amendment:

RENUMBER sections 6.7 and 6.8 to 6.8 and 6.9
ADD the following as Section 6.7

Section 6.7 Order of Succession
In the absence of one or more officers or in one or more officer's inability
or refusal to act, as certified by the Board, the following is the order of
succession to higher office on the incorporation's Board of Directors:

       Board member with the longest term remaining
       Board member

Any board member who takes the place of a higher officer shall be considered
as acting in that position temporarily.

Third proposed amendment:

REMOVE section 5.4
RE-NUMBER sections 5.5 through 5.13 to be 5.4 through 5.12
This is valid because 5.4 is covered in section 6.4 (A).