Financial requests by David W. Smith


There are two financial requests that I make of the Board.


  1. The St. Louis Cardinals requested $1000 for the copying of

     their scorebooks, prompting me to send out the fund-raising

     letter in February.  However, they needed their money

     immediately, and I sent them my personal check for the $1000.

     I am gratified to report that I received $1261 in donations,

     $879 in checks made out to Retrosheet and $382 in checks made

     out to me.  I deposited the $879 in the Retrosheet checking

     account and the $382 in my checking account as partial

     reimbursement of the money I sent to the Cardinals.  When the

     Retrosheet checking account was established, there was a fee

     of some $33 for the corporate checkbook, leaving a current

     balance of around $845 in that account.  Since that money was

     generated in response to the need for the Cardinals, I request

     that Retrosheet pay me $600 to complete the reimbursement of

     my expense.


  2. The rental for the conference room we are using tonight is

     $100, which I guaranteed on my credit card.  I realize that I

     made this reservation without authorization from the Board (in

     fact such authorization could not have occurred, since the

     Board could not legally do business until the by-laws were

     adopted), but I request that Retrosheet pay me the $100 cost

     of the room rental.