Retrosheet Board Meeting, West Palm Beach, FL

June 23, 2000; start time 2:00 p.m.; adjournment 2:59 p.m.


Seventh Meeting of the Board


Present:                                                                                    Absent:

            David Smith, president                                                    None

            Sherri Nichols, vice-president (by phone)

            David Vincent, secretary

            Luke Kraemer, director (by phone)

            Clem Comly, director


Non-voting attendees:

Clay Davenport                          Jeff Powers-Beck                       Tom Ruane

Scott Fischthal                          Pete Palmer                              Sean Holtz

Bob McConnell                          Mark Simon                               Tom Howell

Bernie Esser                             Ron Kaplan                               Stephen Grimble

Les Jackson                              Steve Gietschier                        Tim Wiles

Steve Milman                             Mark Alvarez                             Paul Matthew

John Matthew IV                        Gary Namanny                          Neal Traven

Bob Tiemann                             Ted Turocy                                Lyle Spatz

Joe Dittmar                                Doug Pappas                             Phyllis Otto

Greg Spira                                 Sean Lahman                            Mark Pankin

Jim Johnston                             Arnie Braunstein                        John Jarvis

Jonathan Dunkle                        Mat Olkin





Sponsor            Purpose                                                Result

Comly               Approval of 1999 Minutes                        5-0


Comly               Accept Nominating Committee’s report    5-0


Vincent             Election of Board Members

                                    VP                    Sherri Nichols    5-0

            President          Dave Smith        5-0


Vincent             By law change *                                     5-0


Comly               Accept Secretary’s report *                     5-0


Comly               Accept Treasurer’s report *                     5-0

                            Fiscal Year

                            Cumulative Report


Vincent             Accept amended President’s report        5-0


Vincent             Instruct Mark Pankin to investigate          5-0

                        new physical site for web site


Comly               Move to adjourn                                     5-0


* - separate document




Other discussion


Old Business:



New Business:

1) Data release is done as timely as possible based on tedious work; we need help

2) RetroFile project (separate document)

3) Game Result Logs – request for help filling in data

4) NL daily computerization – request for help

5) Web site move

6) e-bay as source of material (don’t bid against each other)