Retrosheet Board Meeting, Scottsdale, AZ

June 26, 1999; start time: 1:30 pm; adjournment: 2:30 pm


Sixth Meeting of the Board (First with all members present)


Present:                                                            Absent:

            David Smith, president                            None

            Sherri Nichols, vice-president

            David Vincent, secretary

            Luke Kraemer, director

            Clem Comly, director


Non-voting attendees:

David Nichols                 Doug Pappas                 Michael Schell               Mark Pankin

Tom Tippett                   Neal Traven                   Don Zminda                   John Rickert

Marc Stephenson           Arnie Braunstein            Rob Neyer                     John Matthew IV

Pete Palmer                  Brad Sullivan                 Vince Vaillancourt          Phil Birnbaum

David Stephan               Lyle Spatz                     Dick Thompson              Doug Stagner

John F. Jarvis                Bob Tiemann                 Paul Matthew                Tom Ruane

Victor Wilson                 Scott Fischthal              Greg Spira                     Jerry Wachs

Dixie Tourangeau           Tom Howell                   Joe Dittmar                    Steve Mau





Sponsor            Purpose                                                Result

Nichols             Adopt Agenda with change of                  5-0

                                    location from SF to Scottsdale


Comly               Accept 1998 Minutes as amended           5-0


Nichols             Accept Nominating Committee report       5-0


Nichols             Election of Board members

                                    David Vincent, secretary             5-0

                        Luke Kraemer, director               5-0


Comly               Accept Secretary’s report *                     5-0


Kraemer            Accept Treasurer’s report                       5-0


Nichols             Accept President’s report                       5-0


Vincent             Amend Policy Manual *                          5-0

                                    Nominating Committee


Vincent             To adjourn                                             5-0


* - separate document



Other discussion:


Old Business:

            Web site schedule program changed from box scores to schedules

                        (will be running soon and request made for advice on next step)

            Tax-exempt status update (in process – expected this fall)


New Business:

            NL Daily player sheets – a copy to be made from The Sporting News microfilm

                        with permission of the NL; delivered to Dave Smith by Steve Gietschier;

                        possible digitizing instead of another film copy

            Data release policy change (follow-up to “View from the Vault” in The Retro

                        Sheet, vol. 6, #2)

            Nomination policy update (amend Policy Manual)

            Data release – 1984 through 1990 from Total Sports

                        1984-85 immediately

                        1986-87 10-1-1999

                        1988-89 Opening Day 2000

                        1990                 All-Star game 2000



            Montreal scoresheets via FedEx contribute to high postage costs

            “Most Wanted” list on web site needs updating

            Missing games in 1960-70 era

            Data collection (request for help finding games in newspapers)

            Impending birthday of Secretary