Retrosheet Board Meeting, Kansas City, MO

June 9, 1996; start time: 8:00 am CDT


Third Meeting of the Board


In Attendance:                                                Absent:

            David Smith, Chair                                       Ron Rakowski

            Sherri Nichols, VP

            David Vincent, Secretary

            Luke Kraemer


Non-voting attendees:

            Charlie Vascellaro                Jim Johnston             David Nichols

            Herm Krabbenhoft                Neal Traven               Susan Nichols

            Pete Palmer                          John Pardon              Doug Pappas

            Rich Hansen                          Scott Fischthal           Clem Comly

            John Holway                          Dick Lutz                    Gary Skoog

            Tom Tippett                           Tom Peters                Mark Pankin

            Colby Duerk




Sponsor         Purpose                                             Result

Nichols           To accept minutes from                    4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)

                        previous meeting


Kraemer         To remove section 5.8 from             4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)

                        the by-laws and to renumber

                        sections 5.9 through 5.14



Vincent           To change paragraph 2 of               4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)

section 7.2 of the by-laws to

read: “In the event of the death,

resignation, or removal of any

Officer or any other Director,

the President shall call a special

meeting to select a replacement.”


Nichols           To change section 6.4 of the           4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)

                        by-laws to read “…shall have three

                        major areas of responsibility…”




Kraemer         To change section 6.4.B of the        4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)

                        by-laws to read:  “In the absence

                        of this specific assignment of

                        authority by the Board, the

                        President is the only individual

                        who may represent the corporation

                        in legal or financial matters, subject

                        to the functions of the other officers,

                        listed below.”


Nichols           Elect new Board members              4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)

                        David Vincent and Luke



Kraemer         Select David Vincent as                   4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)



Nichols           To direct the President to file           4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)

                        the application for tax-exempt

                        status to the IRS by 7/15/96 and

                        report back to the board


Kraemer         Motion to adjourn                              4-0-0-1 (Rakowski absent)



Other discussion:


1.  Secretary’s Report - two votes taken by email/phone since last meeting to approve Expense Reimbursement Form and Policy Manual; voting completed on 8/26/95 with votes of 5-0-0-0 each.


2. Treasurer’s Report - Financial Report (attached)


3.  Discussion of donations to the corporation


4.  President’s Report -

            IRS situation concerning tax-exempt status

            Summary of last newsletter

                        27,000+ games entered

                        12,000 since last year

            Detroit Tiger acquisition (back to 1953)

                        Joe Dittmar’s newspaper form

            Possible acquisition of last Mariners game from Dave Niehaus

            Acquisition of pitch-by-pitch accounts of World Series from 1908-30

            Smith on KC radio today